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4th of July Weekend 2000.

Fireworks on the 4th of July

Maico Brothers Archive

1992's - MX 500 & MX 250

Date line: 4th of July weekend, Mojave Desert, California City, Fraternal Twins, 1992 MX 250 and 500. The Blue Maico's were equipped with Dutch Power Pipes, New Metzeler tires and MDS front forks (Muller Damping System) MDS with a White Power piggyback rear shock.

Both bikes were purchased from Guus Mulders in the Netherlands. Guus always does a great job with the crating and shipping. The bikes were jetted fat. We dropped the main jet on the 250 down from a 210 to a 195 and the pilot jet from a 70 to a 60 and the bike cleaned right up. Making changes to the MDS forks was easy with the adjustments on top of the forks Top Adjustments After carefully adjusting the damping, rebound and getting the air pressure just right we were ready to ride. I can honestly say we could not find any fault with the bikes, other then a bad rear wheel bearing on the 500.

MX 250 Surprise. It's only a 250! I brought my 90 MX 500 just in case I got bored with the 250, and I have to admit I'm impressed. It's the fastest 250 I've ever ridden. Just like the 90 MX 500, the power comes on strong and smooth. My first take off resembled a Ditch Witch demonstration, a trench, four to six inches deep, about twelve feet long. Burn out The Dutch Power Pipe really boosts the power through out the power band. Off the line, the bike had plenty of low end torque and still had good top end. Wheelies were no problem. Wheelie The Muller Damping System worked so well, I tried a front wheel landing off a jump and still couldn't bottom out the forks. The new Metzeler tires complemented the ride. What do you expect from a Maico? I had so much fun riding the 92 MX 250 that I never even started the 90 MX 500.

Randall: Jumping 92' 250

500 Fireworks: Maico's are known for their smooth power band, aren't they? Our holiday track test of the 92' MX 500 reveals a shift in design with a longer stroke that resulted in a arm-pulling contest. The 92 production was a transitional year for the 500. Some motors came with the previous 83 mm stroke and some with the new 85 mm stroke. Lucky for us we got the 85 mm stroke, Of course the matching cylinders were used. Added brute horsepower came from the Dutch Power Pipe that has improved every Maico we have tested. Dollar for dollar, the DPP is the way to go. With vision blurring acceleration and snap wrist wheelies, the changes in the front suspension become apparent. The move back to conventional front forks from the White Power "Up-Side-Down" style as on our 90' 500 shows how great the MDS (Muller Damping System) works. Coupled with the ever famous Maico Twin Link, the term "Hooked Up" comes to mind. As tradition has it, the 92 Maico 500 suspension continued the legacy of the Maico ride and handling, But faster. Another change was the return to the Motoplat Ignition from the Sem Unit. To bring this drooling contest to a close, it can be said that this 92'MX 500 should have come with swept wings. The only alternative to controlled flight is the great suspension that worked as well as the bottom to top pulling Dutch Power Pipe. This was a happy 4th!

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